Monday, December 20, 2010

foggy mornin and broken velo5

taken this mornin. The tol selatan is behind the trees. Very foggy, but still with lots of mozzies.

there goes my velo5 sensor... the chamber which house's the sensor is always flooded when i wash my bike. It's just a matter of time before it just went kaput completely. For now, after a good dry off, it'll amazingly comes back to life.

Friday, December 17, 2010

Cycle for Health and Enviroment

Friday mornin. 17th Dec 2010
Just a ride for health and enviromental awareness(please pick up your banana peel).
Quite a lot of turn out, supposedly 404 riders registered, but looks more when we rode.
6.30am was supposed to be the flag off time but, got delayed till maybe 7am. Still, it's a great ride. 45.5km totalled. Some are more, cuz they've started from thier houses.
Me and Patrick only, G is out due to kayuh lasak and T is as always a serial 747(me and G had a chat about this and we've decided that when you call someone for an event and he keeps on doing the 747, we willl eventually get tired of asking him out.).

Me and Xplorer waiting for the flag off

It's a go go go!

Nice telekom tower backdrop.

He's definitely happy about it..


lousy cam of mine, was aiming for the bike but the only thing it can focus on was the feet and pedal.

zooming along jalan kuala kedah.

tandem bike in action, father and daughter team.

stop for regrouping just before kuala kedah traffic light.

off we went again.. and into the padi fields.

another stop to regroup before we head for the pit stop at museum padi


bottomless pit of 100+. And look at those hungry faces at the gates..

pit stop at the Padi Museum, lots of 100+ and banana's offered and toilet breaks.

and we're off again on the final run.

istana, i wonder what would happen if the sultan decides to come out? all the bikers hoggin the road kena buang negeri?

doing 26km/h and taking pics are not recomended.. lol

and we're back to where we started.

some dude with a big wheel bike.

"queing" up for lucky draw numbers and t shirt.

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

A note of sadness though..

My biking partner wasn't just having a fever when he said he could'nt continue the ride on kayuh lasak. Turns out, he's got food poisoning on the previous night(saturday), which has carried on to the day of the ride itself. Then when we got back, and went for checks, it was his appendix. Which had to be removed in an op last nite. Trully a sorry incident which was partly my fault as well.(dim sum)???

Monday, December 13, 2010

a little bit more about kayuh lasak 2010..

...and my thoughts about the whole ride.
sitting on this ledge in this pic, I was tired. Exhausted maybe. Wondering to myself what the heck it is that made me woke up that early in the morning and drove all the way down here to suffer this pain. But then again, while I was out here on this particular ledge, which was kinda dangerous and mind you, there were a few more on the route/tracks that we're far more dangerous than this one and a whole lot more narrow than this one is, I was... weirdly happy to be there on that ledge.
I guess it's been too much of "no ride" for me for quite sometime and too much work and other things that i've been occupied with since last year. I can't tell you how refreshing it is to be there, to be in the jungles, the hills the rivers out there.
Now that, I'm back to work, I really do miss all that. And with all the pictures of the ride coming in from Facebook and other blogs, I makes me wish for and long for to be back in every one of those corners I took, everyone of those killer push up the hills, every ride down the single muddy or slippery cement tracks that I took, every raindrops, every mud that was spat on to my face by my crossmarks(ok maybe not that) and lastly, I do soo miss the clear air of the hills and its surroundings. Am really HAPPY to be there even though i didn't finished it.
Have to ride more.

Sunday, December 12, 2010

kayuh lasak 2010 - my gr8 ride.

only managed 4 cp outta 8 this year, but overall distance covered was the same 40+km i think.
started late, was up since 4.20am in the morning and stopped by Bw for tim sum at this place at 6am. Quite "burping" satisying and cheap.

Arrived late, got our tags and by the time we finished fixing up the tags/plate on our bike, the ride has already flagged off. So, we're at the very end of the lot. funny thing is, when we we're riding out to the main road on balik pulau, there was still a few cars which just came in and was carrying bikes, I guess we're not that late after all?

Started, rained, muds, slippery single cement downhill track. Some had to come down.. cuz its far too dangerous. My biking partner was not well after cp 2 or 3 and by 4, we we're too far back to continue and it was raining super hard. And my partner was in such a bad shape that he's burning up with fever but is feeling super cold. So, had to stop in a laksa house(turns out this place is quite famous) somewhere a little bit after bukit pinang and left him there, while I rode all the way back to the starting point to get our car to go and fetch him.

i think, in all my mtb riding, this might be my one and only dh pose pic.

2nd kayuh lasak.

me and him again

laksa place where G could'nt go any further anymore.

rain down hard.

super slippery grass

yep, thats the amount of mud on my TT.

hm.. he's pushing it the wrong way.


queing up for goodies.