Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Golden Jubilee..

Is that how its spelled? hm... nvmd. Its a public holiday here in Kedah. So, me and guan and tien went for a leisure ride in Kuala Kedah.. talk some cogs, enjoyed a very nice. sunset. Great color tones.


cant help myself.. have to put on a wide pic.. hehe.

Sunday, July 13, 2008

it works..

Got a knee guard from Hao on the weekend and tried it out. And its like magic, the thing actually works... no pain. Well, not really no pain, but it doesnt sore, and it doesn't feel hurt. It's quite simply amazing. I'm able to do 20km on saturday and 25 on sunday. WITHOUT PAIN!! ... but felt a little teeny tiny bit of niggle on the right knee pulak... but I guess its just me havent been biking for quite sometime.. and nothing.
Great knee guard! Gonna be looking for one now.

Sunday afternoon in the fields of sheep's??

Mama sheep and baby sheep the baby sheep is soooo cute.

Sunday, July 6, 2008


omg. it hurts. still sore. when I reached the 8km mark. i need a break. i need to stop riding?

Route to nowhere.

hazey lazy afternoon.

3.2 mp olympus. taken in the morning.

The Green sets!

try as I might, I could not get the macro to focus on the waterdrops on the leaves.
taken with the 3.2 olympus as well.

focus on the front la.. not the back item!!!

this shot is like, way.. out. and its still not focused enough on the water drops.

this is what you will see everyday if you ride on my backyards...

The Long shots..

morning. olympus.

morning. olympus as well.

evening. lumix fx-07 wide angle lens.

evening. lumix fx-07 wide angle lens.