Sunday, June 22, 2008

my nephew, my knee hurts, my flowers bloom.

My Nephew

He's less than 2 months old, and already 5kg +, big guy.. happy for my bro. And Xavier is definitely looking healthy and happy. Which is what I always said, " A happy baby, is a healthy baby!"

Xavier Lim. (Oh, I forgot, with him, I'm officially an APEK already!!)

My knee hurts!

Made another 30km ride to K.K again over the weekends. Knee hurts. Definitely an injury. I guess really have to give up riding my bike for 2, mayb 3 weeks. This is sooo going to be booring.

Gunung Keriang? is that it?... I know the hokkien name for it but the malay name for it im not really sure.

Panaromic view of the river from the other side of where we always biked.

These are both actually shots of the same place, same time as well. But with a different angle of shooting it, makes a huge exposure difference when you take the shot a bit lower and a bit higher.

Looking at the sun.

River mouth, Kuala Kedah.

Looking in, can even see Alor Setar tower.

View from the top of the bridge.

underneath the brige.

This is my poor attempt at "panoramiking" the whole bridge...

My Flowers Bloom.

I have no idea why I put this in here, but after my ride, I got home, it was a bit dusky already, was surprised to see my Kemboja blooming. Must be the heat these few days/weeks.

Monday, June 16, 2008

K.K. Solo

Solo Ride on the 14th and 15th over the weekend.
Got no biking partner over the weekends, dunno why.. but riding lone ranger sometimes does have its benefit. You could listen to your mp3 all the way and have no bother to anything at all but the traffic on the road. But, its best not to listen to your mp3 when you're on the main road, only when you're in the more less traffic trail, kampung roads...
Knee starts to sore and hurt after I climb the bridge in Kuala Kedah, I guess I really injured my knee on my last ride with Patrick in Jerai. On that ride, at the end of it, I started to feel some pain and sore on my left knee and on this ride, I can feel the same knee and the same pain again when I climbed the bridge.

14th Saturday Tmn Saga --> Ampang Dam --> Sime Tire Fact. --> K.Kedah --> Tmn Saga. (about 32 km or so.)

15th Sunday Tmn Saga --> Lee Garden --> K.Kedah --> Tmn Saga (27km or so.. )

Langkawi ferry/boats coming in for a refuel in the river mouth I guess..

er.. a not so perfect panorama pic of the river..

not so.. nice too. On the way back to my taman, you can see the kuala kedah bridge in this pic.

too bad I dint get the reflection of the bird on the water...

Tired. Knee Hurts. Got to shut down riding for 2 weeks?????

Sunday, June 8, 2008

7th June Easy ride.. aha.. ahaha... easy..

Yeah rite,

60km + abit..
One monumental climb..
rained.. sun came up.. rained again..sun came up again..
Lots of pacat'(leeches) Lots and lots and lots of em.
2 crash.(Luckily no one was seriously hurt but, one equipment casualty!)
turned back.. without completing the round.

Did not actually complete a loop around Jerai. Was looking like its gonna rain heavily halfway, so we took another route back without going around the hill. Started quite early, this part I like a lot cause, without my "shitty" pals who always wanted to go eat, shit, pee.. first, I managed to get to the starting point early. 2 - 3 riders were there already at that time, but patrick wasn't in sight yet. Anyway, he turned up with apit about a short while later..

Jerai on the way there.

Was a Public Holiday, a lot of riders turn up but, only half(9 riders) of us is going around, the rest are going up!
was kind of tempted to go up with them too.. but, hey, being the only representative of my shitty group, I guess I got an effin moral responsibility to be there.(I'm pissed cuz, my so call buddy all jump ship like.. 2days before the ride!!)
Like I said earlier on, started the ride quite early, I think its 8 something and we're off already, but on the first small climb, we kinda got stuck for awhile, me Apyt and Darweis.
Anyway, we got stuck, and when we managed to pass the small climb, we lost sight of the rest of the riders, I guess they all PRO-PRO.. so, we had to find our way to the main road and ride from there on to the guide's house to wait for him cause, he was going to stop there to get his bike. He came and met us on the foothill of jerai with a motorcycle.

Apyt and Darweis.. while we we're waiting for those PRO kaki's

Me and the Darweis. Despite his noobness look with the bike, this dude is really good, he says that he's just got the bike for a week only but, on the climbing part, he outdid most of us leh.. and somemore, Factory default Jamis leh... 8 speeds, 32 tooth cassete dude... POWER la..!

going into the jungle..

damn slippery..o and there's a druggie somewhere here i think.. talking nonsense to us.

first waterfall stop, actually, this time.. this is the only one. Cause, later on, we turned back without going for more.


I don't really know their name but, I think they're soo beng's group. Patrick says one of em is.. Seng?

Patrick's Xplorer, passing small streams.

A different track. The last time we went around Jerai, we dint come to the seaside, this time we did. It's quite nice but, by the time we're here, the sun is up and HOT!

Wah.. wait up la.. so fast.

Does anyone know who own this? This house looks so darn cool. Must cost a lot. I hope it doesn't come from the 2.70 per litre fuel I paid!!!!@!#!@!!

oops.. time for a coffee break here..

and some cog talk.

view of the seaside from the small coffee shop we took our short break.

after the little break and talk.. we went up and up.. can't really climb. Cause, my rear tire is constantly spinning. So, had to push, which was even more harder. Anyway halfway up, you get this view..

That's tanjung dawai there at the end.. I think la..

Awesome view from here.. can even see the guys pushing bikes. lol!

loose pebbles and rocks.. impossible to climb but some did.. I think I've over pushed the bike, ended up with no strength to ride it up.

Wish I could be riding that thing up, instead of my bike..

on the top, there is a radio tower.. and we just waited for the others who is still on their way up..

Our downhill part after that climb up to that radio tower.. this part is supposed to be fun. But, we sort of got lost and downhilled to unknown country.. look at that picture, its practically pushing downhill. Loads of bushes. And worst, we got lost halfway down, and its started to rain!! Oh, and then comes the pacat's!!!! theyre everywhere...

Patrick the Xplorer! No biggie guys! whats the holdup at the front?

Got out of that mess as soon as we could.. found the correct route and on we went.

A bit of rest..

Lunch when we got out of the jungle.

Decided to turn back because of the rain...

2wice or 3imes we had to do this, carry our bikes over fences.

too tired to take more pics.. at the end part. this is the last shot I took before we rode all the way back to the starting point.

What I drank on this ride = 2 bottles of 1 litre Mineral Water
600 -700ml of 100 plus
2 glass of teh O ais.