Sunday, February 10, 2008

Bukit Perak Ride.

One day after Mat Kedah went with his frenz.. me and my friends went as well. 5 person, 27km ride. Finished too fast.


the dude in the middle is patrick xplorer.. his bike is in "mint" condition. Shiny and super new.


And we've already got "V" signs from Guan.

Unsucessful attempt at self potrait while riding.

Whee.... was goin fast when this pic was taken.

nice track

into the bushes.

bee's hard at work.

Biker pose #1

Bike pose.

Biker pose #2


I have no idea what theyre trying to do here...

He's trying to let you see that his bike is soo weightless that he could use his fingers..

We're there.. Bukit Perak.. waterfalls. and some posings start. with Tien and Patrick.

Vanity shot.

More pics of em taking pics of emself.

very clear

waterfall shot.

a different kinda shot.

Panoramic view

Guess where this is?

Yep, Gunung Jerai... after the ride in Bukit perak, a lot of us, complained that the ride is.. nice but unsatisfactory, so, 4 or us, minus patrick decided to head to gunung jerai for a try out to see if we could climb it... hehe... lasted till the 3km mark or so... then decided to head home due to short of time. 2 of us.. had other things to do.. in the afternoon.