Thursday, January 15, 2015

Rock@XIII River Blackwood

Black Wood Rock @ XIII River ride. 25th Oct 2014.
Me, G and Xplorer Patrick participated in the event as well. This is actually the second time we went to dannok for a bike ride together as we did parts of this particular track by ourselves a few years back before.
Quite a lot of turn out for the event.
on the border.. doing our paperwork.

patrick and his new epic.

lunch.. at Thai McD. they have a "different" kind of menu to malaysia McD.

Santai McD.

First River Crossing.. this ride is called 13 river because of 13 rivers to cross. No joke.
But due to continues heavy rain for the past 2 - 3 days prior to the ride, only less than 10 rivers were actually crossed. We kind of came unprepared for the river and at the first crossing, "out with the socks" and its.. all wet and soggy shoes for us.

G doing his "thang"

down and out.

thai city limits.

best rider of the event. The dude with one wheel.. G looks on with envy.

One thing you have to hand it to the LP MTB Club organizers.
They really knew how to host a partay!

With shows.. 

another group shot.

the finisher medal!

Pendang Lake

In between Bali and CFAL.. i think I discovered a new route from my place to pendang which the return trip should cover over 40+km. Here's some pic.

the palm looks like some kind of jurassic park tree.

the good part about the route is.. its passing a lot of river.

Wednesday, January 14, 2015

CFAL 2014

Came early. August 17th.
As usual, me, G, Gu and CC went. Was the best CFAL we had because all of us finished, and all at the same time. Early too. Our previous record at CFAL wasnt really good due to some unfortunate incident left and right..
3 bikes, 3 riders and one driver. :)

as usual, we're ported at Gurney Hotel and Resorts as usual. They seem to be the only who will allow us to bring our bikes up to thier rooms. 31st floor this year.

G and his funny face.

Rider selfie's

Red bull time.

March 2014 - Bali MTB

So earlier last year, I took a ride with G in Bali. Booked flights since 2013, and made the trip.
Was G's first trip to bali and my 4th or 5th. But this trip it was fun cuz I got the chance to do mountain biking in Bali.
We had went with Ramang from Bali Rides after a long survey. In Bali, there are a lot of mountain biking company who offers day rides or. whole week rides all around the island. Do a little search and you will find that a lot of riders had actually went there to do their biking as well. Arrangements was made easily with Ramang, the owner. Pick up and bike rentals are all done with him as well.
we had taken the Mt.Batur Crater Rim to Batur Lake route for this ride.
Thats, all 3 of Bali's mountain peak at the back in one shot.

Ramang, the owner of bali-rides, Guan and me at the beginning of the ride.

Climb, climb..

Part of the ride was quite surprising for us due to the high altitude riding. We've been riding on sea level ride for soo long that we literally had to gasped for air in some uphill parts.  


some DH part.

scarry part too. the rocks were really too loose.

Through someone's veg farm. Most people in bali are friendly. We're always greeted with a "hello" from the locals wherever we passed on the ride.

The view on the top is really something.

Then, there's the money shot here. Bali, island of the thousand temple!

Volcanic ashes.

This part here is all lava fields. The locals use these here rocks for their buildings and carvings.

Batur Lake.. I think.

G and the push bikes we had on our villa.

the always there, Kuta sunset. 

push bikes on our villa.

Oh and we went to lembongan as well!

Love this place to bits. Villa Tao seminyak.