Monday, October 27, 2008

Deepavali with a hill and mariah.

its true, I did went up with mariah carey "touching my body" and.. a whole lot more of tunes. I think you'll definitely need an MP3 player for one to go up Jerai, if not, all we're every gonna hear is the sound of of hearts beating like pom pom drums or yourself breathing super hard.

Anyway, nothin to do on the deepavali, so, up we went, Me, Guan, Tien and Yen. Took our breakfast somewhere on the road and got to the foothills at 9.45am or so, started at 10am.

There was a group of Kangar guys who were there before us, they waited for us to start, but I guess we we're just too lousy to follow them as you can see in the pictures above, that's the only time I saw em.. after that, they just disappeared forward, we were never able to catch up with em... didn't even see em when we left the place later.

Huge tree's and guan joking around in Yen's bike.

Needed a break.

its still at a very low level.

Tien checking out the natural springs??...

Then it's up again..

and more ups..

landslides along the way.. better watch out.. its kinda scarry..

more of these..along the way. Was way... fun when cornering on my way down on it. But do watch out as there's some idiot VAN drivers who is on their way up without horning on the corner.

stopped somewhere for rest, and monkeys took an interest in our bikes...
I need new cogs? or chains?

As we got further up, things are definitely different up there, the air is cooler, fauna is kinda different, insects are way bigger.

muzeum, not open.

church dude, giving us some lecture about the goodness of exercising.

this here is a happy, satisfied, biker and bike.

Got up to here, which is at the 10km mark I think, the Museum. Wanted to go up more, but some of us has been pushing a long way, and it really was getting late, stomach's are growling.
Met some church goers from Tmn Ambar, and from what they describe, the toppest part of Jerai is still under renovations, so, nothing up there to eat. With that in mind, our tummy just took the decision instead of our brains. FSA down the hill.. I managed to clock in top speed at 61.2km/h, next time, we're gonna try 70km/h!!!!

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Steve Peat and Cedric Garcia in KLD 2008


Great job in getting those guys there..
me being the "kepoh" that I am... posting some pics up here...

* Cedric Garcia over a ramp with slippers??!!, skillz dude.

peaty n garcia showing thier stuff..

** cedric garcia in action, should be in kiara..

** steve peat with his V10

** both of em in KSH

dude!!! apit with steve peat.

*** steve's SC V10

@ steve's BOXXER

@ V10 anyone?

*** Cedric's 09 Meta 4x

@ 2 stallions..

@ collusus?

@ some of the participants bike. damn... I would just go gaga over em.

@ guys, chicks does this as well.... when are you gonna get your pansy ass up and jump more? lol! but do remember to wear armor.

@ = pics courtesy of leitzee

* = pics courtesy of orbealma

** = pics courtesy of Ariff's photostream

*** = pics courtesy of Freeride Malaysia

Sunday, October 19, 2008

19th Oct 2008

First time, riding this particular route.
saga -> lrg keriang -> almost to anakbukit -> hutan kampung -> pantai johor -> tmn golf - > saga.
distance covered was not really a lot just about 33km on my meter.
Was supposed to be me, siew, hao n patrick. But Siew was a no show in the morning, dint even return my calls sheesh...

hao, powering ahead at the beginning of the ride.

Xplorer's Action Posing!!

originally we wanted to go to hao's house, then went a loop behind his house to my place, thats the Tajak route.
But, morning was nice, a little bit misty and all... so, decided to head to Jitra using this route,

it's starting to bake out there.. hot hot,

patrick taking pics.

but halfway through, the mist decided to desert us, and the sun greeted us with all it's glory and heat. So, plans changed to Anak bukit -> airport and back to tmn golf...

always hungry...

patrick on top of the overhead bridge taking pics.

halfway to anak bukit, saw an overhead bridge that led us out to hutan kampung.. Hao, hungry as ever, said... lets go out.. I need food!! Patrick suggested Tmn Golf... so, off we went..

on our way to pantai jhor, muds on my ride, posing at the end of the runway.

on our way, stopped at the end of the airport runway, first time i'm here. Took some pics.. was able to see the early MAS flight from KL land and saw the AA flight depart as well. But the sun was already over-friendly, we decided to scram and not to wait and take pictures of the AA airbus leaving.

it's coming in.. and... we have touch down!!

So, off we went again.. passing pantai johor, and then the istana, the official residence of the sultan of kedah.
Headed in to Tmn golf for some breakfast.. nice nasi lemak bungkus. Damn.. all the sweat we lost is again accumulated.

a nice, old tree...

sultan's residence

out of power there... cause he's hungry

we're nearly there... tmn golf in sight.

this is the tax payer's money at work. come check the place out in the evening, there's govt staff using full gym equipment at the building. why on earth do they need gym equipment at a goverment office? aren't we one of the poorest state in the nation? dind'nt we need to chop off forest reserve to fund state budgets? wow.. I guess we need a bowling alley for teh govt staff next eh?

currently my favourite plant.. Plumeria.

breakfast at tmn golf.