Thursday, July 23, 2009

UUM XC Vids up??

Got these off youtube.. hehe..

patrick is in there.. and so is sen and lastly.. can see guan.

I think these are from a KTM rider.. thanks for these vids, can see me and Tien in this vid at the end.. his olympus camera is mounted on the stem or handlebar i think.

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Kedah Jamboree

Kedah Jamboree nexT

track looks nice.. to all that's going, have fun..

Monday, July 20, 2009


Lots of people, over 1k registered event, but as I read from somewhere else in the blogsphere, over 6++ turned up for the event only but still it has got to the most participated MTB event ever held here in UUM. Huge turn out. Hopefully, we(kedahan's) don't disappoint them bikers. But alas, as I read, there we're already quite some complaints about the way the event was held, as I myself have some complaints but mayb some of these things are just out of the event organizers hands as I understand that a lot of things needed to be done or go through with UUM officials itselfs.. which might not be such a good idea for people who never organized MTB events to do so.

Enough about the complaints anyway. Overall ride was okay.. the weather was kinda nice not too bright, not too cloudy as well, and thankfully no haze. It even rains in the end of our ride and for some weird reason we had sunburn on us on the next day.

Participants waiting for the event to start..

Riders getting thier ride ready

Group photo.. minus XP, he went to the loo.. :P

Kawan ni teruk la, orang dah nak race, dia dok sembang lagi nie... takpe, sudah ada gampaq BUKTI, nanti bagi bini dia tengok.


Early morning, morning glory.

Started in the UUM sport center compound, like last time and .. out to the hills again.. this time, the tracks is quite nice, but I guess due to not enough, riding before and lack of sleep, most of us came unprepared, Xplorer with a guarded knee, guan with lack of sleep, just as me.. we ended up struggling on the first few hills.. It's also possible that some of the actual tracks was switched as it rains the previous day and some parts of the track we went through seems like there were landslides..
Muds, lots of it again.. so much so, the tire is botak from it. And while were pushing bikes up muddy slopes, Guan's hiking shoe fell apart.. soles came out so, we had to stop and do some Mcgyver solution to it. Patched it up, and decided that the next CP, guan was gonna go out. Me, Yen, Tien and the rest followed as well after that..

we're the back pack.. (we're the few who's at the end of the pack)

oh.. happy and full of energy.. peace..

out of the UUM and into the jungle!.. its up up up.. from here..

okay, lets take some pic..

everyone wants to do so.. but look at the clouds at the back..


first river crossing.. XP and sen.


KTM bikers taking pics of thier friends..

go go go..

Pitstop.. and banana time.

Pushin time.

Yeek! scared of a couple of babes who went thru here..

clouds are... coming in.

Guan's shoe.. in dire condition.

Me, XP, Tien

Sen, Me, G, Tien.

The rest of the track should be nice as well, wish we could've prepared ourselves well and really give it a go, but hey, there is always next time..


hm... lemme see.. star pic of the day

didn't get all the pics of our team riders, individually, but here goes...

this dude great in action..

Guan DH... wah.. caya beb! ada gaya!

Patrick Xplorer.. peace bro! (sorry you 2, i used my N78 cam only... lousy flash.. not bright enough.)

har har.. the only action he gets, push push more Tien!! lol!

I'll try and ask from the others see if they have my pic or Yen's pic.. individually.


lazy to post. here's some panoramic pic of trails we went thru.

* here's something u should know about these 2 pics.. both of them have riders.. on the other side of the hill from where i took the pics. Means, we came from the other side. :P

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

night rider again.

fast... extremely fast. should be my fastest ride to kuala kedah evahh...
constant 30 onwards...

while waiting for SHIMANO gang.. to arrive near simpang kuala.

There were more riders this time. A whole lot more than the last time I joined them.
Following these guys will definitely improve your riding, speed wise..