Monday, June 22, 2009

GG NT MTB Adventure

Looks like they had a lot of fun.. congrats to the organizer.. wish we were there.
Check the respective blogs for pics and report of the event..

Ramly Dirtcorner,
Jane Lim,
Lon Truth,
My Basikal,
Kayuh Beb!,
Team Seri Serdang,
Mat Kedah - he's got a great list of those who went.. i admit... i got most of the links from his blog.. hehe..
Pics & more Pics..

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

1st Night ride with a grouppo

Last nite..
Shimano Xtreme Bike group... with some other guys..
MTB's, Roaddies, Racers... and even jump bikes?

Loads of bikers.. racers are also there..

and these guys without thier shirt on.. can race with the guys on the racing bikes as well... kept up with them all the way.

dude... talk about speed demon eh?

oops, cramped.. on the way home...

Ride wise was ok, but thats because on my way there.. there we're just 2 of us, on my way back.. the main group raced like speed demons with the roadies, at one time, I was the last bike on the grid.. caught up with Adi... chatted for a while.. then... when almost got to the turn to sime tire, siew's leg cramped... stayed with him and decided to go home strait.. the rest of em we're going for teh tarik somewher near Sime tyre..

Sunday, June 14, 2009

hm.. scorching heat.

burned myself again... started at 5.15pm ended at 6.30pm.

Jln Alor Mengkudu --> Jln Dato Kumbar --> Jln Langgar --> Jln Tanjung Bendahra and back to Jln Alor Mengkudu again..

friggin hot.

padi fields at the back of my house.. ripe?

route to god knows where.. just ride on.

if you look closely you could see jerai hill behind those clouds.. I guess we should be thankful the haze didn't get to alor setar..

Aww... the sun.. hot hot hot.

By this time, I was at the juntion between Jln alor mengkudu and Jln Dato Kumbar.. it was soo hot. Weird thing is, it wasn't really that hot when I started.. there we're some grey clouds.. which was why I started my ride at 5pm.. some would say nuts because of the heat!. But hey, I had non with me on, living the 80s.. he recomended a nice song to me last nite.. Spandau Ballet's Round and round which I just added to my song list. Really nice.

Over the small bridge on jln dato kumbar

had to take a break in the shades..

Sunday, June 7, 2009

6th june 2009 bukit... err..

Er.... I forgot the name again.. all I know is it's near pokok sena.. that's all.

its 7.20am in the morning.. and the sun is super bright and super HOT.

bike assemblying activity.

8 bikers i think... mix n match.. some pro's some noobs like us.
there was the top of the lin fuel ex7 and there was.. an apperance of a 6speed 80s lerun with 2 cateye meter!!!

track was okay. lots of dry huge rocks.. climbing is hard, need to navigate and have good close control less you spin out. and downhill was kinda challenging too due to the dry season and lots of huge rock pebbles. Crashed twice while downhilling, luckily not much injury.

panaromic view of the valley.

Monday, June 1, 2009

An x biker...

or maybe not ex (as.. he claims he's on his way to get a bike back) biker's birthday. Last sunday.
A great time with frens some biker's some not. I had planned on getting him a basic mtb to get him back on the saddle, he's kind of taken up weight after all.. but, in the end, the other guys decided that we should just get him a sport tee's instead.

cake cutting ceremony.

video's included.

Last nite was gr8

starry, moonlit night. The skies was super clear.. the stars and moon was super bright as well.. wish i had a good camera which can take night shots. Great ride with nothing but the moon and stars.

thats the moon...