Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Saturday and sunday ride.

Saturday 24/11/07 .
My home --> THC's home --> Dam Route --> Kubang Rotan --> Kuala Kedah --> Home. Totaled at 45km or so.
Pics above

Sunday 25/11/07
Home --> Simpang Empat --> Tandop --> Home
20km or so.
Lots of dust and a very bad stretch from Simpang Empat to Tandop due to mini road upgrading..

Sunday, November 11, 2007

more pics on ride.

Nothing really related. but some nice pictures.

Deepavali Ride 07 - Somwhere..

Somewhere in Pokok Sena... I dont really know where.. but it should be named mosquito hill.. cause there are a zillion of em and those hills are not for stopping, once you go up.. dont stop till you come down.. as those pesky bloodsuckers will go at you once they have a sip of your blood, even if you're riding and moving. So, best advice is to just puff your way.. up.. and zoom your way down...

Total distance = 18 - 20km
Condition = all off roads + lots of mosquitos + one scorpion
Riders = 4pax

Great views of the starting point. with the mist of course.

Guys assemblying and warming up..

Proud owner of a brand new spanking FUJI NEVADA 4.0...

Stylo 08' with GXPs... damn.. those are nice cranks...


Spiders webs with morning dew?

Things to come.. hills.. with lots of tree's

Some of the treks uphill... he comes the sucking...

Going down...

Up again?

Going up again...


Riders cog talking..

bike rest..



New biker with new bike..

Team pics..

To the other side of the valley..

some road..

This muka... really funny...

Rider coming up..

Passing thru

More roads..up ? or down?

This ride about to end.

Looky at this... yikes!

This dude.. just langgar the tree.. or mayb the tree ate his front.

Actually he was attemting to show off his.. DH skill... but....

Decided not to go with it...hahaha sissy...

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