Monday, April 28, 2008

Long windy ride.

27th April 2008
Me and Hao only, Patrick wasn't home.
30+km 50% Tar, 50% off roads with gravel and red sands.
Tmn Saga --> Lg. Keriang --> Tmn Intan/Derga --> Bkt. Pinang --> Tangki no:1, --> Bkt Pinang --> Tmn Intan/Derga --> Lg. Keriang(got a ride home from there)

Me and hao decided to try a new route.. which actually wouldve gotten us to jitra if it wasn't for the time shortages.
On our way there, it was fast, average speed of 26 - 28km. But on the way back, it was against the wind. Horrible.. 18 - 20km average speed. Sucks.

single track which goes straight from the new Alor Setar GH right to Bukit Pinang.
Very dusty track.

camera on top of the head... pointing backwards.

Right along the NS Highway.

Got up to that tank at the background. Now on our way back.

Hao --> Need water.

Tmn Saga --> Tokai --> Tmn Saga

... slightly more than 20km. 100% all tar track.
26th April 2008
Couldn't join G, tien and his friends who went K.Kedah.. so, had to bike alone again.

highway underpass..

some old bridge near tokai.

sun going down soon, rain coming along too.

This here pic is taken on the same place.. but a little bit earlier on the date. 18th April to be exact. Lonely ride.

18th April pics.

Sunday, April 20, 2008

Cobra! Cobra!

20th April
30km from my place --> Ampang --> K.Kedah --> back home.

Booring ride... as usual, xcept this time we have 7 riders total.. a first for this ride. Me, Guan, Xp, Apit, AK, Tien & his chick fren Yen I think... also a first!
Booring ride as usual.. xcept, we almost ran over a mini cobra! cobra! 1ft long...
Booring ride as usual.. xcept, I forgot or.. rather was too booring to take out dcam to take pics...
Booring ride as usual.. xcept, for.. someone with brand spanking new XT08 Cranks!! woot!
Booring ride as usual.. xcept, for someone with brand er... not so new.. but still new RS REBA SL!!!
Booring ride as usual.. xcept, when we were going back, sprinted after a rider who was actually far behind us.. rather than far ahead of us...sheesh!!

Wow... too much booringness here..ignore me.. im just pissed I dint took out my cam to take pics... but XP did!.. hm.. time to ask for shots from him..

"these pictures are all courtesy of Patrick Xplorer"

Bridge view.. funny how, 7 months ago, the first time I rode a bike up here.. I felt like its a huge monumental task, and really felt spent.. almost to the point of fainting. Now, its like.. who can sprint up here first...

the infamous apit.. now a certified "tok guru" in BBS.. hehe...

The posse'

Sunday, April 6, 2008

sunday evenin.

6th April as well.. same day in the afternoon.

Another 30km from my place to guan's place..and thru ampang and to kuala kedah and back.. wow.. soo many "and"

another tiring ride. just me and guan.. his friggin maxxis lite is.. simply unbeatable.. super rolling and super fast.

little shack where we always had teh "O" ais


Weird.. took pics of the sun coming up and down on the same day.

Sunday morning.

6th April 2008
20km usual ride to tokai n back.

weird sunrise..




the past.

the now.

lovin it..