Monday, January 21, 2008

Jerai Hill loop 20th Jan 2008(Its the sultan's bday!)

Morning till nite ride.. a round/loop around Gunung Jerai.
8 riders, (one got bored and left us halfway)
Hours taken to finish? 11friggin hours... dont ask.
Distance burned? 65km.. and its damn accurate... I wonder how..????
Weather was friggin hot at times..
Tracks vary, some are okay, some are impossible, some.. just no tracks at all..

Well, where should we start?
im just too lazy to write..
Woke up 6am,
breakfast at simpang kuala 7.30am
on the way.. 8am
friggin had to fill up fuel.. makes stops to poo x 2
fill up air in the bike tyres...
arrived at the guides house.. 8.50
assemble.. started at more than 9am
the rest? just look at the pics...

The guides house.. assemblying..

riding starts...

Nice.. morning view.. from the back of the pack.

Arrived at the first waterfall.. just looky, not going in..

Grouppo pics..

Another one..



Oh.. first climb.. er.. push.

Oh.. hi! thats Xplorer/Patrick. First time riding with the guy. He's also the organizer of this trip. He's probably saying YAY! this is fun.. hehe..

Whee... first hill down.. Thats.. Tien, the insuarance dude. The only bike with a stand.

AK's turn

Guan4k's turn..

some route.. i forgot..

AK.. hm... 1st bottle, finish.

Going thru kampungs...

View from the top of one of those hills..

me again..

He says.. susah lo... tinggi nyer...

Rest.. rest..

Bike mate...

Rest and cog talking.. going down.

thats.. G4k going down.. still couldnt get a nice.. dh pic.

G4k.. on my bike.. for a test

a lot of these.. mini rivers... on the way.

coming thru...

nice.. oil plantation.. I really like.. these tracks.

no tracks.. time to carry.. our bikes.

love.. these single tracks...

whats he doing? vomitting? wee wee? looking at fishes?

Nope... first casualty, Tien went down on a small down hill tracks.. got himself cut on the knee and arms.. luckily.. Guan's got some iodin on him..

somewhere up there.. is where.. Tien fell


nice.. place to ride.

More bike.. carrying.. this time thru a small stream.

Luckily it dint rain.. the previous day, if it did.. this place would be uncrossable.

Would'nt you wanna ride here?

cool view of one of the tracks we went thru.

Oops.. trouble starts. Xp's leg cramped up here...

The sun is up.. high.. time is.. then about 10.50 am or so..

More oil plantation.. yeah..

Xp got himself fixed up.. and running again..

going thru jungles..

a little of climbing.

AK.. posed for this. nice little valley pics.


More trouble, the guide's ride, a scott. Punctured. Luckily, guan's got the pump and the guide's got the spare tube.

This PRO here.. is helping with the tire repairs, but man.. this dude.. is really awesome.. while we pushed our bikes.. he just rides up.. and come down.. and rides up again..

Jungles of Jerai

Blurry? yep! the look on that climb... scares my knees sooo bad.

push.. you guys..


A note about this.. push.. while we were pushing our ass'es off.. this little climb.. the PRO dude.. was.. riding it up and down here..

Wah... more climb...


Starts to go down here...

Nice view on the way down.

This is a picture of the same place.. but I aimed the camera upwards..

Had.. a little dip here.. to cool down.

Local boys.. enjoying.. themselves with some "WWF" action.

Cog talking again.

Xp's TFS-100D

Grouppie photo again.

more rest.. and while we're resting.. the old PRO.. just goes.. up and down.. up and down...AMAZIN.

Lunch... in Merbok time is.. 1.58p.m

At this point.. the old pro, had left us.. to go on alone all the way to S.P.

Small lakeside.. view

rest... more rest. and water..

another grouppie photo

this is one of those small downhill tracks which I like..



Guan and XP

going thru a lot of these plantations..

more rest.. and water.. really need em.. by this time..

Guan's had it.. he got his right knee injured somewhere...

More Grouppie photo's

hehe.. some fun when going down this...

The last waterfall... directly behind.. Gurun's town.

Ate some muscle relaxant pills.. and he's up and running again..


bikes.. at the bottom..

this is.. the last stop we made.. i think. the time now was 5.51p.m

My Gears...

Well... was too tired to take more photos.. on our way down.. there was some.. climbs... that eventually leads out to the foot of Jerai hills.. soo.. ended up at the guides home at about 7.30p.m or so... Proabably reason why this ride takes up soo long was that we had lots of things happening.. with Xp's cramp on both legs.. Tien's accident, AK's bike also broke down somewhere in between.. then there's the guide's puncture... loads of shit happening.
A very nice and satisfying ride.. but now its time for all those sore muscle to heal...