Saturday, January 21, 2012

Got a new wheels

its not for me, for the missus.
Dahon Eco C7
5 rides so far, and here's my 2 cent on it.
Fast, not as fast as my giant, but i guess it's good enough as a lap bike. Definitely so as i've done laps with it on a newly built mini mall around my place, and it really is suited for brand new tars. Smooth. Without shocks, going thru the regular old and hard tars just makes the bike feels stiff and hard. Every bumps is felt. All in all, i would say that it really is a surprise that it can really zoom around that fast.
Looking for a child carrier in the middle now, can't wait to carry my son with it so that he could join me on my rides...

no... this ain't gonna be my full time bike.. still preferred my giant.

Sunday, January 1, 2012

Malakoff Interstate Fellowship Ride 2011/2012

went with xplorer. Good climb, great ride as well. up to the 18- 20 km mark la... cuz, had to turn back after that. Patrick had cramps on knee. Ended up on air itam for breakfast and back to collect jerseys and see out the lucky draws.