Sunday, December 30, 2007

Nite ride to Jitra tangki from anak bukit..

30th December 2007 Last ride of the year?
2 riders.
Condition : Pitch black darkness..

Dont do this.. its very scarry... no light on my bike only rear light, but there's one on FUJI. Still 2 riders in the middle of the night is very scarry...

Resting halfway up the tanks.. its impossible to go up in pitch darkness..

And feeling scared with.. god knows what in the darkness...

Raya Haji ride.. at pokok sena again.

1st day raya haji, the initial plan was to go to sungai sedim.. just 2 riders. cause the rest was.. friggin bz.
But late last nite before, 2 riders suddenly called up and say theyre available, so, the plan to sedim was shelved, cuz, the other 2 riders is unable to go so far and so late..
Hence, we decided to go Pokok Sena hill riding again..
Started at 7.30 meeting in Simpang kuala for breakfast.. had to wait for one riders.. who have to take late breakfast, then have to poo poo in the middle of the way to our destination.. ended up we started our ride at 9+.

Anyway, here's the pics..

3 riders up front.. me bz being the cameraman again..

The usual suspects, Guan the 4k biker.

This dude dint came with us on our last trip here.. so, we dint expect what was going to come for him later on...anyway he's riding a GT Richochet 2001/02 model, nice bike but a bit on the wrong size on him 18"

Lovely weather ahead in the valley.
More nice weather.. only thing missing is the mist.

Oops.. bike breakdown on the starting line..

Hao's Fuji had a FD problem when it couldnt downshift to the middle ring... a little help from Guan 4k there and the problem is solved. Anyway, can u believe it, the last time we were here.. his FUJI Nevada 4.0 is brand spanking new.. now, the front fork is having problems, the rear sprocket is having a huge problem, feels like the sprocket is coming loose from the rear hub or the other way around.. anyway, credit on the dude for being able to cycle with these problems on the bike.

Nice downhill track?

Here you'll see FUJI coming down.. too bad I couldn't get a decent fast/blur shot.

Here's me.. coming down.. but.. everythings blur..

See this pic? Whole lot of problems.. we only managed to go up 2 hills because of this dude here.. first one, halfway through, he complained about wanting to pitam. So, we had to go down.. second hill attempt, which is on the above pics, he's got stomach ache problems.. had to poo in the trees behind him.. luckily I have tissues in my pouch. So, ended up.. after the 2 attempts of going uphill, we stopped and just explored the valley.. which was quite fun.

Me bike... resting.

Now resting with a mate.

Aksi aksi, Mr. Guan 4k

See this pic? the background? after.. exploring the valley for awhile.. we almost got lost in another mini pocket valley cause we could see the main valley anymore. So, on our way back, me, guan4k and fuji guy decided to try out our racing skills.. "LOOPS" haha.. its was really fun.. a 1 almost 2km loop around a hill.. not muchh climbing.. a lot of steep down hill.. and back.. so.. off we went....

First dude to test the loop, Mr. Fuji timed at 8 minutes plus

Second rider, Guan 4k crossing the line at 6minute plus

Last rider, me, about 1 or 2 seconds behind Guan 4k..
Learned one thing about this.. do not rest too long, as after a prolong period of waiting for Fuji and Guan 4k to finish their loops, somehow.. all my energy was spent.. or went to sleep. with it.. just couldn't climb... at all.. when its my turn to go..

And here's the dude who kept our time.. with his SE handphone stopwatch.. hehe.. he was "spent" up in the hills anyway..

fine day for riding..

Think this is a ride on... 16th of December.
From.. Tmn Saga backyard to.. Pendang PLUS Tol exit...
Distance there and back about 50km. (2 hours +)
The day was just nice for riding.. not much sun. cloudy.

Fields of green.. absolutely pretty.

these are taken on the way.. or rather along the way.

some of the roads taken..

Ducks seen..

sunrise at that time.. good for riding.

Got there...

Could actually proceed much from here on.. as this road is filled with sticky sands.. my tires were all "mudded" from here on.. so, turned back.

My bike looking back at where I came from.. darn, time to huff and puff back all the way..

Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Another tangki ride.. the big one though..

The one at the back of Darulaman Heights, Taman Tunku Sarina.
Started at the back end of tunku sarina, went thru the Gas Pipe route, nice route, this is the first time i'm riding this route. From the gas pipe, the route will lead out to the riverside of the route to the the big tangki. This is also my first succesful climb up there.. I guess SR suntour cranks really sucks, and RACEFACE rocks!!!! hehe.

Date: 2nd December 07
Riders : 2 (sworks + hfs4k)
Trek : 70 off road, 30 road(big hill to climb)
distance clocked : 20km+
Interesting things to say about this ride? Harrased by monkeys, dogs, snakes!!!!

Snakes!!!! SNAKES!!! snakes on the trail!!!

trees that makes me think of tim burton's movies, namely sleepy hollow

nice afternoon river view.

shadows of a biking buddy..

more of it..

I just dont know what he's trying to do...