Monday, January 17, 2011

Jerai Mountain Bike Jamboree 2011(JMJ11)

Great event, great ride, whole track is ridable except for a small rock part on one of the hills.

Good water feeding station, good direction, definitely won't get lost.

Great lucky draw, although we didn't won anything.

Will be back again next year if they ever decide to organize again.

You can see all these JMJ11 signboard everywhere on the route and little pieces of paper with JMJ11 printed on it as well. All over the route.

lots of turnout, organizer had announced that there was about 1600 riders for the event and it certainly looked that much.

tien at the starting point.

me and him before getting on the queue to start.

off we go.........

first "jam" all queuing up to cross a small bridge.

he is still high in spirits.

stopped by to take some pics..

lost him afterwards and had to call him.. he dropped his water bottle.

pic courtesy of adi.

water station

push push.. (gambaq curik)

up up..(gambaq curik)

river crossing. more like.. puddle of water.

red dust everywhere.