Friday, July 22, 2011

Heritage Trail Nite Ride ~ 22nd July 2011 @ 30 seconds to mars - Kings and Queens

Great ride, fast, cool and not hot, rained earlier and it kinda washes away quite a lot of the haze. Clear night for a great ride. A little too eager sometime and quite a lot of crashes. Too much bikes and too dark at times.
A little over 40km done in over 2 hour + with a short stop for water and banana's. Supposedly around 500 turn out. A really nice ride, just like in the video for Kings and Queens by 30 second to mars. Sorry about the lousy pic quality, my mobile phone camera just cant cut it in low light. There was some part in the actual ride that is really cool, especially when all of us turns into the airport, and in front of the Kedah Palace. Everyone's got thier blinkers on.. really cool moment.

This looks like a space jet engine. Something out of a Star Wars Universe.

Saturday, July 16, 2011

another trip to the airport.

still looks grand eh? the fountain.

Thursday, July 7, 2011

Heritage Trail Nite Ride 2011

Heritage Trail Nite Ride 2011

An event that is going to be jointly organized by the kedah state govt.
22nd July 2011 9p.m
Starting point @ Istana Kuning, Alor Setar.
Estimated route distance: 40km of Tar ride?
Rm20.00 Registration fee
Goodies and Beverage given(Shirt and watch given aslo)

Get your registration form Xtreme Bike.

Ok guys, managed to find thier FB page and more info about the ride in there. Click to go.