Sunday, December 21, 2008

its coming to the end..

of december, heck its the end of the year anyway. Last few days of 2008. how's it been for you all?
I'm doing all rite i guess for this year, biking was fast and furious in the first half of the year, then the last quarter it just dissapears totally. Can check my update, no rides.. well, except for a few odd rides here and there on the weekends. Why so?

hm.. son came into my life. Our life, and it makes all the difference. Priorities changed, lifestyle's just changes, just have to accept it and move on i guess..
Anyway, hope you all have a happy new year and merry christmas!

taken last nite.. with boon siew on kuala kedah bridge with my new K660i (2 mp only)

Thursday, November 20, 2008

nice... our bikes on

someone else's blog. And it's even photoshopped up!

Monday, November 10, 2008

BM Mountaincross 2008

BM Mountaincross Review

event organizing: good(punctuality, amount of help.) SUCK!! (20km one checkpoint with water????do they know how to spell dehydration????)
goodies : nice/good/great!!

track : not suitable, would be nice if it was not raining the previous nite or there wasn't that much participants?

Pics are up!!

starting point. yes, we're at the very back..

riders check, tien, yen, patrick, guan

patrick, really putting effort into it.. he was sick the previous nite..

me, buat selamba aje...

on route.

guan.. messin around.

in front of st. anne.

this dude is a regular joker

old st anne?

new st. anne?

see that hill at the back? we're gonna go at it.. hehe.

this is where our tire starts to taste dirt.. and mud

waiting to go off road?

haih.. when we turn in here... I kinda expected this to happen. one single track going up and over 700 riders?

frenz... waiting for your turn as well?

whats the hold up?

waiting for my turn to push..

taking some pic while we wait.

long queue to go up..

Action pushing! this here pic is representing what the whole event is all about!!!

push x 5

hm.. I wanna push you around.. (PUSH - MATCHBOX20)

why push? when you can take pics?

push x 10

uh oh.. dh section coming up,

downhill? dh myass! meh.... push downhill is more like it. (SLIPPED HERE! & CRASHED A LITTLE FURTHER UP!!)

this here dam is really nice.. would definitely come again if there's a chance.

happy to be here.. but not happy to have pushed here..

its as pretty as the brochure said it is.. hehe.

finally, we thought there's water here.. but heck! even the MEDICs dont have water to wash my wound!! ended up using mineral water to wash my wound and put on some antiseptic cream. Which was pointless as further on.. there's still more mud.
boo hooo.. : (

i need water........


bike at the dam


The mengkuang dam, from one end..

to the other end..

Tien admiring the view

single tracks before we got to the first CP. Looks nice eh? dont be fooled, thats all that there is, the rest of it is still more pushing than riding.

me n my poor leg and still no water...

end of ride posing

more posings..



yep, finish got water bath for free.

end of ride... a muddy bike and an injured rider...

Overall, its not a perfect event. But not really a bad event as well, with over 700 riders, I would say that the one's who cleared the first hill with little pushing involved would make it to the end of the race with 3 CP. For guys like us, who's stuck at the end of the line... and with over 600 riders in front of us on the very first climb, there's really nothing much we could do. By the time we got to the first checkpoint, which was ridicilously too far away, the organizers had already decided to end the event. Checkpoint 2 and 3 would be closed. Even if you wanted to go ahead and finished it, you cant, says one of the organizers, as according to him, the next 2 CP would be more tougher to reach??!!!!
I ended this event, with 2 bleeding legs. Crashed at the first donwhill section, too slippery, lots of roots... Almost had a dehydration episode again. The first CP should really have been stationed at the start of the dam section. All the pushing up on the first hill had actually taken its tol on a lot of us. Running a race/event like this without water was really... not fun. Not fun at all.