Wednesday, May 27, 2009

nice pics of the upcoming UUM XC Race.

really nice pics of the actual route that the UUM-XC-Race is up on thier blog, go check it out.
So, far we've gone on 2 of the event they've organized, and I must say that the ride/route itself is actually good. In fact, in some ways, I would say that it's better than the one we went in BM. This is due to the fact that the route these UUM guys(I assume they're the one's doing the actual route) chooses is almost all ride able. Not pushing and definitely no queuing up to push up hill. At least that's what I remember from my experience of riding in 2 of the event they held, but who knows? they might choosed another route, a far more different trail? well, who cares anyway? come 19th July, JUST BRING IT ON!!

Click on the pics for more picture and the actual blog of the event.

Friday, May 22, 2009

was here last nite..

at 10.30pm.. hehe..

night ride resumes... after I serviced the rear hub(was out of action for 1 week or more). Anyone have rear hubs for sale?

Friday, May 15, 2009

Kedah Jamboree..

Please support


Date: 1 August 2009 (Saturday)
Organiser: Yayasan Sultanah Bahiyah
Fee: RM50
Trek: Tasik Jitra (starting point) - Trek Balak - Ladang Jati (will be detailed later)
Goddies: Jersey, Socks and more will be announced later

Please post on your MTB event calender!

more info here

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Weight weenies...

as the tittle suggests, ever wanna know what's the weight of your rubber? check this out.

i'm kinda surprised actually, as I always thought that maxxis 310 is the champ at weights, but I guess now, we have to really take a look at shwalbe furious fred. A few grams lighter..wonder how it'll perform compared to the 310? Actually have a friend who has a friend who rides one FFred. Wonder how he does going head to head with a 310?
Personally, I've tried the 310 and it's really really fast, but with the price tag one 310 equivalent to of almost a pair of foldable xmark, I think I'll just pump a little more air into my xmark and enjoy its temporary speed boost on the road.
In any case, there's a lot of other models to check out in the link given... if any of you want to know the actual weight of your prefered rubber, go check it out.

Monday, May 4, 2009

Which to go?

So, MTBkers in the north, which one's are you all going this coming june?

This one? Nibong Tebal MTB Adventure 2009

map of the trail courtesy of adi

sample shots of the actual ride track :


this one? Lembah Bujang Jamboree 2009

wikimap of the ride route from official site.

I assume this is some sample shot of the actual ride route :

Hm... no offense to the lembah bujang ride, but from the pictures provided by the nibong tebal guys, it's far more inviting and fun than what the lembah bujang track could offer. Maybe the lembah bujang guys could get more shots of the actual mountain bike track to entice more of us to actually commit to the jamboree and hopefully both organizers would stay clear of those pesky single track uphill which would cause a massive jam for the riders and end up the riders pushing bikes instead of riding bikes uphill, that was a really massive let down on my previous experience.

Sunday, May 3, 2009

labour day and etc. etc..

Did some ride on labour day evening alone. All the others are supposedly non available. Was supposed to go with another group in the morning but have to cancel due to some obligations at home..

Oh... the usual kuala kedah ride.

but i haven't done a solo ride to kuala kedah since 1 year ago, if I remember correctly, it's the last chinese new year 2008.

evening's in kuala kedah bridge.

almost always gives you a great shot.

the day after labour day which was 2nd of may, we we're planing to go take a night ride. But alas, this happened. dark clouds up ahead and soon after it rained and rained and rained....

Rained through the whole night and through the next day on the 3rd of may. But luckily, the rain did stopped in the afternoon/evening. So, with me all free early in the night, went for another night ride... Called up sew for him to join me but he was just on his way back from an "XT" upgrade so, another lonely ride again with me in the darkness but light FM saturday night's "swing time" is a great companion. I could go on and on with all those jazzy tunes.

view from the highway overhead bridge last nite.