Thursday, March 26, 2009

Suprise suprise..

made another ride this morning.. hehe.. but still is too early and i think too cold too.. came back with my nose "leaking" phelgm.. yuk!

** this one's for Siew.

took this one a few weeks ago, K.Kedah.. with the phone as well... lagi cool hor the color?
You must make more trips there liao..... ^-^!!

Monday, March 23, 2009

morning ride.

soo early there's no morning light at all.. and for all 10km, I've only passed one car and one motorbike.

today.. its like super early. The earliest i've ever attempted from my home. 610am and i'm out of the house.. as you can see from the pics. When I got to the pacific fly over.. its only 6.26am on my clock. Damn early. Haven't been able to find any time slot available for rides lately, hence my morning ride today.. and it's been almost 2 weeks? Anyway.. a good friend of mine has been riding a lot lately and he's actually just gotten into MTB not long.. do pay a visit to his blog to catch up on his rides.. as for mine? hard to find time. Hopefully, I'll be able to have more rides soon.

this is after the ride.. when I got home.. and it's still not bright yet.

Patrick recently sms'ed me over the weekend to tell me about a SHIMANO organized jamboree that's gonna be happening on the 21st of June 2009. Hopefully I'll be able to join by that time and get back on my bike more frequently.. god knows I need the exercise now more than ever.. :P

oh and.. sad to say I might be loosing a biker friend soon cause.. he's really sold his bike and it doesn't look like he's coming back into the sport. :(
* Updated
Yep he's confirmed that he used up his bike fund for the new bike and that if he's gonna come back, it's gonna be a few more months. Can't help it...

Sunday, March 8, 2009

as usual..

normal KK ride with Guan, Yen and a new guy... um.. forgot his name but he was riding AK's bike. Apparently he sold his bike already and is waiting for a new bike from Thailand... somekind of Eagle brand...
1st time on a bike for one month. Since before my bali trip till now.

Nice sunset.. very very nice. A lot of ducks on the way.

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Was in my current favourite place on this earth..

Bali.. islands of the gods...

haven't been biking at all since I went there on the 12th of February, hope to get back on the saddle soon but for now, here's some photo of my 2nd visit there... I really love that place and would still go again in the future if i had the time..

cheap air fare.. Xpensive food and drink on board..

The hotel we stayed in kuta on our trip, Wina Holiday Villa Kuta please don't ever come here if you could, the outlook of the hotel looks good only, the rooms are really terrible. I wrote a review here.. go check it out.

Had our dinner here on our first night in Kuta.. Warung Made. Food is so and so... the Juice is awesome though.

Uluwatu & Kecak dance.. a really nice dance/show compared to the barong dance which I saw on my first visit to the island.

Tanah lot.. another "must go" destination in Bali. Really nice, too bad that on our trip the sunset was not really as nice as it would have due to the clouds. I was there in the morning on my first trip.. which has huge waves hitting the temple...

Sanur Beach.

Lake Bratan/Bedugul would always be known with its Lake Temple "Pura Ulu Danu". Some pics of the lake and the botanical garden nearby(kebun raya karya bali).

Nusa dua beach and its surrounding area...

Denpasar, the Bali Museum and the area's surrounding it.

Kuta town, Ground Zero memorial, its surrounding area's and the excellent food we had in Poppies I & II.

great food we had near sanur beach.. must try the satay's in bali... gr8 stuff.

Tg. Benoa..

Tmn. Ayun.