Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Fellowship of the Rims

More like.. fellowship of shortcut takers and suckers.. suffering through it all...

Ride: Fellowship of the rims
Date: 15 Mac 2008
Organiser: UUM Tourism Club and Redflag MTB XC Ride
Venue: Sport and Recreation Centre UUM
Participants : 100+ riders.. mayb..
Terrain: 60 plus km. - 20km or so on-roads and 40 km off-roads..

Got there early.. cuz, Patrick says that we shud be there early so that we can find parking space.. which was quite true, but we we're definitely too early.. as people only start arriving at 8am.. and we're already there at 7.15am or so.. and to think that we woke up at 5 to go get some breakfast... sheesh..
Anyway.. the whole event was quite an experience.. what with all the participants dissapearing halfway through the trek. Started a little before 9a.m and ended at about 3p.m plus or so.. a lot of the riders couldn't find the proper sign in the middle of the jungle and ended up back at the checkpoint earlier than anticipated.. some starts arriving at 11+a.m.
2 or 3 things was against us.. on this ride, lack of H20, energy(food) and personally for me lack of sleep(I was already up from 4.30a.m...)
The distance between checkpoints was too far.. and we ran out of water too fast. Was promised water refill points.. but turned out the points were just too far for us to make it when we were at the end of the treks. Basically me and Guan.. finished at about 3p.m plus, patrick, hao and tien arrived.. half an hour later or so..

Can check out more pics on NXT, Mat Kedah's Blog and Red Flags

Tien getting his bike ready..

Shimano Shop guys...at the backgroud.

People starts arriving..

That... should be Jeffrey's posse' RED FLAG krew!

Gather around now.. time for the briefing...
Patrick's in this pic.. taking pics..


Me.. not looking very prepared.. when they started.. I realized I didn't even had my gloves on yet..

Everyone to the starting line.

Started!.... and back of the pack..

First off road route.. this one's bad... cuz of the traffic.

Looky at the dust.. all of em.. on my face, lips.. and all.. not to mention all the cow dung those kenda's and maxxis's had.. push right back up from the ground to my face and bike.

This shud be at the 5km mark or so...

Out of the Palm oil estate. 10km mark or so.

Back of the pack

A little back pedaling for guan cuz he wants to pump some air to his tyre..

All climb, no fun.

The downs... and the ups again!!!

My poor tired bike..

I still look unhappy... although.. its going down.

Sorry, thats about all the pics I took from there.. cuz, from here onwards.. I'm too WASTED to even.. take out my camera...

Here's a Google map courtesy of.. Mat Kedah blog.. which was from someone else's as well.

Monday, March 3, 2008

Saturday ... it rained.. halfway.

1st march 2008
Time started 4p.m
End @ 5.20 p.m

condition was 90% off roads.. lovin it.

Me and AK.. was. supposed to try Mat Kedah's gas pipe trail but somehow.. we dint have time.. or rather.. the rain.. had warned us about going through the whole thing hehe..
So, there were supposed to be 4 riders that day.. but just ended up with me and hao only.. Patrick Xplorer says.. rain is about to come, which was true.. Tien had his bike send for repairs.. and couldnt finish on time to join us.
So, me and AK started.. from Tmn.tunku Sarina.. followed gas pipe trail.. and ended up near.. the bridge.. near the dam.. but due to short of time.. we turned back.. as AK is going for a wedding dinner later on.

Me n AK.. getting ready.

Huuuuu... looky at the skies.. but us.. being the nut job rider.. presses on..

AK's new Deore 08 Cranks. oh.. notice that it comes with a bash guard and the vendor even gave AK a change of specialized flat pedals.

owner and the new cranks.

Rain is coming...

My bike on top of one of the small hills over looking tmn tunku sarina.

River Dam

the road along the river

Solo run...

Home to K.Kedah and back.
Called people up.. but all of em were bz.. no one wanted to ride.. so.. of I went.. this is actually before CNY

26th Jan 2008
4p.m - 6p.m
One rider...solo.. me and my bike..sheesh!

Nature's splendor and beauty..

Ray of light shining through..

The same.. skies.. when I arrived in K.Kedah...

Before I got my Tora.. fitted in.. I guess its probably gonna be the last pics.. of this configuration.