Tuesday, December 29, 2009

KK on the weekend with G

havent been here for quite sometime already.

Sunday, December 20, 2009

look.. a shooting stars!

nice? quick make those new upgrades and new bike wishes...

too bad it isn't a real shootin star.. hehe. It's just a plane going to KL probably from bangkok.. passing by. Took this shot on my early ride..

Friday, December 18, 2009

Monday, December 7, 2009

No BS!

All the mud is worth it.

Really. It is a great event. Kayuh Lasak 2009.
Nvmd the no 100+ given, not so interesting goodies bag, no jerseys, and sometimes no banana's and no water in some Check points. The trail itself and the ride is easily by far the best me and guan had rode on.
And we didn't even mind all the pushing that was done. Used to be, all the previous jamboree's we'd went on, there will be lots of complaint about the pushing uphill and the tracks not suitable and etc etc. This track, for some reason.. although it has its flaws as well but we didn't mind it a bit at all. The huge.. pushing up, the super super dangerous and super super steep downhill, be it on the single cement slab track or the single dirt track or even the huge one car wide track, it still is super fun.
View was really nice. There was a section up in the hill where the trees was covered with some kind of moss that makes it look like we're on Cameron Highlands or some foreign country and there was this particular single tiny track downhill through a field of grass that has tiny little flowers that it makes it look like we're riding in Switzerland or someplace far away that makes the whole pain of pushing went away.
Probably one of the main reason it was so enjoyable was that the day was not hot. It was a little bit windy and cloudy most of the time. It even rained a little bit on 2 occasion.
On the organizers, I can't really comment. If I were judging the ride through their organizing, it's really bad. There are a lot of thing that they didn't bother to do. Some CP don't even have enough water and banana's. No isotonic drinks given, well, they actually had one. But by the time we arrived at the CP most of it is finished, and at the very end of the ride at CP6, something "incredible" happened. There was a 100+ booth, chilled 100 plus drinks! and you pay for it! RM2. LOL! It has never happened before.. really. But hey, at that stage, if they'd ask fro rm5, I'll pay.
Anyway... like I said, I was really happy with the trail. So, I didn't really care how bad the way they treated me as long as I have water and the power bar they gave me early in the ride.

**pinjam this pic from the blogger on the pic.. hehe.
Hey, on my way down through kek lok si, I even managed to detour to the old air itam market to tapau some famous laksa and then continue my way back to the finishing point. Talking about laksa, we went through a lot of fields where they plant those bunga kantan. And the smell was really overwhelming at some point.
Great, if not best ride I've ever been.Will definitely be back again.

*** Wonder where the rest of us noobs are? well.. wonder no more.

Lost in pulau tikus....

Sunday, December 6, 2009

Kayuh Lasak 2009

Tired and sore. But hey, we made it.

Great trails, even though with the last minute change, it still is great.
Can be summed up by 2 huge push up the hill and 2 awesome dh. epic.

Yep! after the our team "747" us. There's only 2 of us who went.

should've asked for more of that isotonic stuff.

off we go!

here comes the "push"

pushing bike is fun eh? no?

wahahaaa... finally, after all the pushing, we're going down!

wa... real proud, first time this bike is on pg soil. and so high..

the last time he was here, we were in form2. That's almost 2 decades ago.

me? not that long.. but still.. quite long.

loved this, too bad its so cloudy and dark.

cloudy is good. didn't feel hot at all.

ooo... top of the mountain mist. it rained right after this..

:( I want my downhill shot as well.. no fair, nobody ever take shots of me.

The Trails..

oo.. drift down "ala" INITIAL-D

??? go down there? I did, and later found out that I followed the wrong route.lol!

This happens to my shoe somewhere between CP4 and 5. Had to walk like wearing a slippers for the rest of the ride.

Oww... it happened to the front wheel again after I came back. I guess all the knocking on the steps had taken its tol on the inner tube.