Sunday, November 29, 2009


a cool bike isn't it?
It's actually a 4 wheel DH bike.
I know what you're probably thinking, "why would you want 4 wheel downhill bike?"
the things people can think of eh? crazy.
Think again.
Read this.

now, that 4 wheel bike up there isn't really "that" kinda cool anymore isn't it?
As I've said b4, sometimes it's just not how hard and how far you ride. You just wanna ride.

*Can't help it. These days, been reading lots of stuff from PB. Thanks to CL.

Thursday, November 26, 2009

Great place to ride..


Matterhorn, Switzerland.

Penticton and Okanagan Lake, British Colombia.

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Anyone for a Banshee?


Cool looking bike.

Or mayb a Transition Convert?

Awesome looking bike, and a very simple looking linkage.

Monday, November 23, 2009

What a way...

to start a new day.

Lemme see, t'was a good morning. Hd woke up at a little bit passed 5 for milk, and right after that, he went back to sleep trying to cuddle next to me(aw....)
So, right after he went back to dreamland, I went out since its already 5.45am, and was about time for my ride. Turned on the 411 and "Assassins" was on. A great show by the way, no matter how bad it flunked in the box-office. I thought Antonio(he's always great at playing character's that looks desperate) and Sly was good in it.
Anyway, back to my day. Got on my bike and gears, and zoom.. on my way. The time was 6.00am on my clock. Since its so darn early decided to try my luck and go for a longer route instead. Decided to try and reach KK and back. Rode on,..
Suddenly, about 10+km out, i felt my front wheel getting heavy and saggy, like it was dragging mud. Which was impossible, since I'm on tar and in the main road. Check on my wheel and tada!
The thing that never happened to me, decided to happen on my first attempt to go far on my morning ride. A bloody puncture! It wasn't really flat yet, but the air is really running out..
It's like.. 6.45am, the sun's not up yet, I have to be home and to get ready to go work like in 7.30am. Sheesh! No spare tubes, no pumps. What luck.
Turn back immediately right after that, tried going as far I could with the fast escaping air. Couldn't go far, less than 500m and I'm flat out of air. At that point, I tried running with the bike,(Ala, IRON MAN style) but couldn't get far with it.
So, in the end, I decided, WTH,.. just rode on with it. Managed to get 10 - 15km/h on it. God knows what will happen to the front wheel after that. Got home at 7.30am. Got myself ready for work.. played with Hd for awhile.. and was out.
And that was my day so far. It would've been okay, if there weren't this ridiculous speed trap that is on the highway while I'm on my way to work and it even managed to snap my face while I was running 120km/h on a 90km/h highway.

traded mosquitoes for flat tire's.

there was a lot of tiny tiny mosquito/insects under this lamp..

Pendang MTB Jamboree 2009

Gosh! I didn't even knew there was such and event until its over and worst is.. the event is like.. within my biking distance. Gah!!!!
My bad, my bad, my bad....

Some reviews of guys who went:

Gclub Members
Hawk MTB

Friday, November 20, 2009

It rained.

Drat! thats 2 days in a row. Right on time when I wanted to go for my ride and the day before that it was so windy, that I went right back inside my house.
Gosh, maybe its time to go back to night rides.

Thursday, November 19, 2009


Really needs something like these for rides these days.

Been doing quite a lot of rides for the last week or so. All in the early morning. Like 6am while everyone is still making lots of zz...
Anyway, due to the end of the year rain everyday, I guess its also mosquito season. Every ride I went in the morning will only end up with me going through a horde of these little mosquito and god knows what kind of little bugs. They're everywhere, by the time I'm back from the ride, my hair and inside my shirt there would be a jumble of them little bugs. On my first ride, one even went into my eye, and it was on the beginning of the ride. Needless to say, one of my eyeball was swollen for the rest of the day with colleague in the office avoiding me for the day thinking that I might've had "red eye".

Well, any of you riders out there who lived near the padi fields, please do wear something to protect your eyes while on the ride in the morning or even in the evening. Tis' a season for hordes of pesky little insects. It might not look cool and it might make you look like a fool but hey, at least you wont end up with a "red eye" or worst, they might get into your mouth/throat when you breath for air on the climb.

Ah.. still the bike i wanna ride.

wishful thinking... maybe someday.
Someday when my "papa" adventure had run its course... KIV.

09 model. With shim gears.

08 models with SRAM X9's

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

moon oh moon.

6.30am and the moon is still super round and super bright. Was like that last nite as well.

met 3 riders on this morning ride.